how to use split() function in javascript

How to use Split() function in javascript function splitresult(){var name = ‘Rajeev-Dhar-Dwivedi’ ;var val=name.split(“-“);alert(val[0]);alert(val[1]);alert(val[2]);} String = Rajeev-Dhar-Dwivedi

function splitresult(){
var name = ‘Rajeev-Dhar-Dwivedi’ ;

var val=name.split(“-“);


String = Rajeev-Dhar-Dwivedi

for example you have a string Rajeev-Dhar-Dwived and you want to cut string every – seprator them use split() function in javascriptsplit() function is just like to explote() function in PHP
structer :
var arrayval=string.split(“seprator”); 
var str = ‘Rajeev-Dhar-Dwivedi’ ;
var val=name.split(“-“);
val[0]; // Rajeev
val[1]; // Dhar
val[2]; // Dwivedi

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